Wild Boar Fillet with Compote of Dogwood Berries and Quince

Here you will find a recipe by a renowned Greek chef; he marinates the meat in an original marinade that balances the strong tasting wild boar. In the past when hunters came home with game, it was a festive occasion that called the community to the dinner table; even if we have long left behind our hunting habits this aspect of feasting can be celebrated and remembered!

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800 gr Wild boar fillets
2 medium quinces
400 gr dogwood berri peeled and cut  in big
2 tbsp of white vinegar
100 gr sugar
200 gr meat broth or white wine
1 stick of cinnamon
2 cloves
300 gr Maurodaphne wine
Olive oil
Bay leaves
Some mustard seeds
500 gr Seed oil
1 large onion
Salt and pepper



Preheat oven to 190°C 
Marinate the wild boar
fillets from the night before. Prepare marinade with the seed oil, bay leaf, mustard seeds, white wine and halved onions. Add berries to white vinegar, sugar and salt and mash until all moisture is absorbed and a puree is formed. Sieve to remove pips.Sauté the quince in olive oil and deglaze with the Mavrodafni wine. Add the remaining onions, cinnamon and cloves and boil for 5 minutes. 

Spread on a baking dish,  pour the meat-broth over the top and leave in the oven for 25 minutes.


Add salt and pepper to the filets and brown them in a frying pan for about 6 minutes. Remove the meat and in the same pan deglaze with quince sauce and the berry compote.




The same recipe can be used to prepare wild boar meat instead of fillet but it needs to be cooked for a long time over a low heat with the quince purée.
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