Chicken Fondue with Mustard Sauce

For this recipe instead of chicken you can use turkey or pork filet and you can make two kinds of sauce, one more spicy and one more sweet. What a funny and delicious way to share a meal with friends.

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6 chicken filets
30 slices of bacon
sunflower oil for the fondue

For the mustard sauce
6 tbs Dijon mustard
18 tbs fresh cream
8 tbs mayonnaise
pepper, freshly ground
a few crushed mustard seeds


  • Cut the chicken filets into small pieces.

1.  In a pot heat the sunflower oil so that you pour it already hot into the fondue pot.

2.  Light the fondue burner, to keep the oil hot.

3.  Prepare the mustard sauce by mixing well all the ingredients in a bowl. You add the salt and pepper in the end, if necessary, because many mustards are already salty or spicy. Finally add a few mustard seeds for decoration.

4.  Divide the sauce in the small fondue bowls.

5.  Wrap a piece of bacon around a piece of chicken and spear it with the special fork.

6.  Fry it in the hot oil and, when it has fried, dip it into the mustard sauce. Ready!!!

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