Beverage: Gourmed Christmas Drink

Gourmed invents a new Greek Christmas warm drink! During Christmas in Central and Northern Europe, there are several variations of warm alcoholic beverages made to keep people’s hearts and souls warm. We do hope to see little wagons in the streets of Athens, selling the beverage and warming up passers by, although quite unlikely! Do try and make it at home for your friends or family.  We would love your feedback and creative suggestions to making this a more tasteful and hearty drink!

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750 ml Aged red wine (preferably Xinomavro)
15 cinnamon sticks
3 tbsp mastic
4 tbsp sugar


The red wine that we chose is the famous Xinomavro. The choice was made because we needed its vegetal character and its aromas of olive and tomato, giving us the first Mediterranean tone to our creation. The second substance that turns our drink into a Greek beverage is mastic from Chios. An original combination that leads to an unexpected result. The third ingredient comes from the gastronomic tradition of the east and is found as a main element of the cuisine of Constantinople and Asia Minor; cinnamon is the ingredient that offers its warm aroma to our drink. Along with all these we use some sugar to sweeten our senses…


1. Put all the ingredients in a casserole and heat them while stirring to medium heat.

2. Just before they reach boiling point, we serve the mix in glasses with handles, along with a cinnamon stick in each glass.



Merry Christmas and cheers!