Pistachio ice cream

Pistachios ice cream  is one of the best things to have while the summer goes on.

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4 tbs Cornstarch
4 cups whole milk
130 gr  sugar

1.5 oz Cream Cheese, slightly softened

1/8 tsp Almond Extract
200 gr  Pistachio Pureed 
1/4 cup limoncello


In a small bowl, make a slurry with the cornstarch & approximately half a cup of milk. Mix until the starch is well dissolved & there are no lumps. Use clean fingers for this particular job.
Pour the remaining milk into a sauce pan & sprinkle the sugar over the top. Heat over medium high heat, not stirring at all. Once the mixture almost begins to boil, whisk in the cornstarch mixture. Cook at a simmer, stirring constantly, for 3 minutes. Remove from the heat.
Place the cream cheese in a medium sized bowl. Add a little of the hot dairy to the cream cheese & whisk until smooth. Add a little more dairy & whisk again. Then, pour the cheese mixture back into the dairy. Cool slightly
Add the almond extract and pistachio paste. Whisk until completely smooth. Transfer to a clean bowl & chill over an ice bath until cool. Cover the bowl & refrigerate until very cold, preferably overnight.
Just before processing in the ice cream machine, add the limoncello. The alcohol will keep the gelato from freezing rock solid. Churn the ice cream according to your ice cream machine’s instructions.
Place the finished ice cream into a container with a lid & freeze a couple of hours before serving.


You may add fresh unsalted Pistachio crumbled on top before serving
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