Grigorios Greg Birbil

Grigorios "Greg" Birbil is an American of Greek descent, whose parents came to America from Asia Minor. He was born in Brooklyn in 1937, attended the Pratt Institute and studied advertising design. He started working with McCann Erickson, and continued working for them for 40 years as art drector, creative director, manager and CEO in various countries. He has lived in New York, Chicago, London, Madrid, Milan, Tokyo, Johannesburg, Mexico city, Bogota and Athens. After retiring he decided to remain in Greece, moving to Porto Heli, with an amazing view of the sea and olive groves. He is married with three children.

He says: "I have loved every minute of my life, and I am an ardent scuba diver and backgammon player. We have to do something new, something that we have never done before. I am looking forward to the next experience...".