Mediterranean Seafood

In Mediterranean Seafood, first, there is the fully illustrated catalogue of fish and shellfish (not counting the sea slug and sea anemone), complete with identifications of species in more than a dozen languages; then there follow more than 240 recipes drawn from the author’s own experience and observation, from the advice of friends and family, and from the cookery literature of more than a dozen countries with a shoreline on the Mediterranean as well as on the Black Sea its neighbour.

So much information, yet told in so beguiling a fashion: Alan Davidson’s touch is of the lightest, always sweetening the pill of hard fact by a personal memory or a tale drawn from the byways of history or scholarship.

The book was first published in 1972, when it won the prestigious Glenfiddich award for the best food book of the year. It has since been translated into five languages. This is a third revision, brought up to date for this edition.


Prospect Books is also to publish the same author’s North Atlantic Seafood and Seafood of South-East Asia.