Savory Baking from the Mediterranean

Anissa Helou with tireless enthusiasm, a keen palate, and the skill of a gifted teacher offers detailed recipes for the enormous variety of baked goods that are a staple of the renowned Mediterranean diet.


From the familiar focaccias and pizzas to the exciting meat and vegetarian pies of Greece, Turkey, Spain, Morocco, Lebanon, France, and every other country, island, and territory of the remarkable Mediterranean basin, Helou presents the best of raised and flat breads, rusks, bread sticks, pies, tarts, and savory pastries.


You will puff up with pride when you have succeeded in producing a French rye bread, a Spanish country bread, a Pugliese brioche, a Neapolitan macaroni pie, Turkish meat boreks, and a French leek pie. Every one of the 130 recipes has been carefully and meticulously tested to assure success in the home kitchen. These recipes are tempting, satisfying, and no-fail.


Throughout the book are Helou's evocative photographs, which draw you into the homes of the bakers and reveal the bakers themselves as well as their wonderful baked goods.

Savory Baking from the Mediterranean is for everyone who loves to eat, cook, travel, or just read about this enchanted part of the world and its artisanal bakers and cooks.


Anissa Helou is an established food writer and broadcaster, specializing in Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Moroccan food. She also has her own cookery school, 'Anissa's School', based in London.


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All you need to know about Savory Mediterranean baking,  a staple of the renowned Mediterranean diet.