Modern Mezze

Feasting leisurely on a selection of small mezze dishes is a sociable, flexible way of eating now very popular in the west. A tempting collection of recipes from Lebanon, Turkey, Greece and Morocco brings this brilliant, relaxed style of food within the scope of the home cook. There are delicious dips, fragrant herby salads, crisp pastries, tasty pulse and grain dishes, colourful vegetables, fish and shellfish bites, plus tempting meat mezze.


The recipes are easy to follow and beautifully illustrated. In addition, there is advice on shopping and choosing mezze menus, plus features on breads, nuts, pickles, olives and herbs. A superb cookbook for everyone who enjoys mezze.


Anissa Helou is an established food writer and broadcaster, specialising in Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Moroccan food. She also has her own cookery school, 'Anissa's School', based in London. She is a frequent radio guest and has appeared on television, including her own series, Hello Helou.


She has written many articles for the Weekend Financial Times and has contributed to several other publications, including Food Illustrated, Gourmet and Square Meal. Anissa has also written several successful, award-winning cookbooks.

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