Kapsalos Handmade Villas the new jewel of Tinos

The complex of Kapsalos Handmade Villas is located at a panoramic area facing the Aegean sea.

The villas are located 900m from Agios Romanos' beach and 6 km from the town of Tinos.

They consist of spacious rooms, a fully-equipped kitchen, large terraces, garden and wonderful view of the nearby islands Syros,Delos and Gyaros. Enjoy your stay in a residence that provides tranquility, relaxation, luxury and complete privacy.




The view of the sunset combined with the wild yet unique Cycladic landscape and the aromas of thyme and oregano give the Kapsalos Handmade Villas, the sense of rejuvenation that you are searching for, thus making your stay a truly unforgettable experience.

Visitors access

Our guests can have direct access to all indoor and outdoor areas of the villas.

Hosts’ availability

The hosts of Kapsalos Handmade Villas are available to guests for their convenience any time of the day during their stay.




Our neighbourhood

The complex of Kapsalos Handmade Villas is located at the top of a west-oriented small hill. This combines the unique geomorphological structure for which the Cycladic Islands are famous for, along with the sunset that can only be enjoyed in this location.


Access to the complex is recommended to be exclusively by private means of transportation or by taxi.

In other case, you can use the local transportation and ask the driver to drop you off at the intersection of provincial road Tinos-Kalloni with the provincial road of Tinos-Pyrgos.





Contact Details:  Phone No. (+30)-2283051649- Mobile: (+30)-698-4496693

 Mobile 2: (+30)-697-3050758

e-mail: skaladianos@gmail.com

Website:  www.kapsalostinos.gr