Hrysafis Kaskavali Cheese


One of the oldest cheeses of Lemnos, Kaskavali is known to the shepherds of the island since the mediaeval times. The revitalization of the curd is a characteristic of the production process. In earlier times, the drying process was traditionally held during the months after May. The cheese heads were placed in wooden crates with strainer and were left to dry in the shade, usually under trees, at a temperature above 22°C. It is a light-yellow hard cheese, made from local sheep and goat milk, standing out for its sharp aromatic character, but also for its milky, savory notes. The kaskavali cheese can be offered as a table cheese, but is also ideal for saganaki (fried cheese), grated over pasta, as a fine ingredient in risotto, pizzas, pies and green salads.