Alexis Protonotarios

He then moved on to the UK were he read a  Master’s Degree in European Studies from Reading University, with a specialization in satellite broadcasting.


Cable TV in the UK comes next before moving back to Greece where he becomes a founding member of the team that launched ANT1 TV, acting as Executive Producer for News shows & documentaries.


The mandatory army service is spent in the  Press office of the Minister of Defense where he reorganizes the Greek Army’s TV production unit and facilities relaunching the weekly army’s TV show which runs to this day.


In 1991 he co-founds CD-Media which becomes Greece’s largest independent videogames distributor.


From  2001-2012 he creates runs Can Communications (, a Digital Advertising agency.


In 2002 he co-creates, a food and lifestyle portal about the practical art of living well through the Mediterranean Diet.


He has published various articles and a travel book.


He is a Trustee & Founding member of Greenpeace Greece.


Married with 3 children he spents most of his spare time sailing around the Cycladic islands.