Spirtokouto (The matchbox), lighting the dark night of our crisis

Spirtokouto is on a street between two very popular neighborhoods, Gkazi and Ano Petralona. You cannot miss it, unless you go running by, as you will surely notice the large glass window with various old toys and dolls dangling from it. Upon entering it is almost like entering a dark but enchanting world. Everything ties in to the scene, the beautifully tiled floor, the colorful wall paper amongst the black walls, the curious vintage furniture that reminds one of home. These are also complimented with further small and large objects varying from old telephone ear pieces, a gameboy, an antique television set to someone random’s x-ray. This environment is not only conducive to coffee drinking, chatting and drinks but also to game playing and travels within the photographic worlds you will find on the walls. The music is most often rock or rock-like, but you will surely find various genres that may suit your liking. There has been some contemplation over whether they should add some cold plates to their menu, but currently they serve coffees of all types, teas and various infusions given to them by a friendly herb grower. Beer, wine, hard alcohol and funky cocktails. Nikolas was 25 years old when he opened Spirtokouto; using his theoretical and practical knowledge from the field, he took upon the creation of the shop all alone. The name was inspired by the film “Spirtokouto” by Giannis Economides (2003) which means matchbox. Nikolas found that not only it was a greek word that combined various things that were meaningful to him, but also that the protagonists in the film were from the neighborhood, Petralona. Despite the negativity all around,
he still looks forth with positivism and continues to conjure up new things that he can do in the store. Even if there was no similar infrastructure in the area to support his endeavor 3 years ago, he derived and still derives support from the neighborhood to such an extend that he now admits could also live in Petralona.


Address: Kiriadon 15, Kato Petralona      MAP

Telephone: 2103462689

Price per person: small beer €2 -large €3 -wine €3- drink €5- cocktail €6,5 - coffee €1-2,50- tea/infusions

Opening Hours:
Mon-Sat 11am - 2am
Sunday noon- 2am



Definitely try the draft Greek Verginia weiss beer