Couscous and Vegetables

Servings: 4
Total time: 45mincous

300g Couscous
4 ripe tomatoes
150 g canned corn
2 carrots
100g Green olives
1 green pepper
5 tbsp Olive oil
A bunch of fresh parsley, mint or coriander


1. Place all the vegetables in a large bowl and add the olives and corn.

2. Boil one quart of salted water mixed with one tablespoon of oil. Pour the couscous into the boiling mixture and stir continuously until the water has been absorbed. Let the couscous cool a bit by stirring.

3. Mix the couscous with the vegetables and stir thoroughly.

4. Season the preparation with lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper; and add fresh parsely, mint or coriander for alittle extra freshness.


About the Cook - Felicia R. Mcclinton writes for the blog Mediterranean Recipes , her personal hobby blog she uses to help people learn how to make Mediterranean recipes to eat healthy to prevent diseases.