Strawberry Marmalade

Servings: Approx. 15 medium sized jars
Active time: 60min
Total time: 60min +8h

1kg strawberries
600 gr sugar


Wash the strawberries, cut into small pieces. (It is unnecessary to cut them if they are over ripe; they will disintegrate alone!)

At the end of the day, put the strawberries in a casserole and cover them in sugar.

Let them stay like this over night in order to extract their juices and turn the sugar into a red syrup.

Put the casserole on high heat and steer constantly until the fruit has boiled and the sugar dissolves.

When it foams, clean it with a spoon.

Lower the heat and stir often, for about 20 minutes,  so that it doesn’t stick to the bottom.

To know that it’s ready dip a wooden spoon in the casserole.

When it comes out, it has to be shiny with thick marmalade.


* A classic method to check if it is ready is to put marmalade on a plate and then in the freezer till it becomes cold.
When you take it out the marmalade should not move if you lean the plate.


Put in sterilized vases when the marmalade is still warm and liquid. Close the caps, turn them over on a table and leave them until they are cold.

* You can keep them for up to a year.