Servings: 6-8
Active time: 70-90 minutes
Total time: 70-90 minutes

Caramelize the 80 gr of sugar in a pan and pour over the flan mould/ ramekins.

Prepare an oven tray with water (bain-marie) and place the mould/ramekin in it


Preheat oven to: 180°C.

Place the milk with lemon peel and cinnamon in a saucepan and warm on low heat. Infuse for about 10 minutes.


In a bowl, beat the eggs and the sugar until a pale yellow.

Strain the milk over the mix of eggs.

Mix all together really well.

Pour the mixture into the mould /ramekins.

Bake for 50 min if you are using a large mould, 30 min if you are using ramekins, or until knife inserted in the flan comes out clean.

Add 1 tb vanilla essence if you like the flavor