Sarah A. Lewis

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Sarah is a writer raised in Los Angeles and the coast of Maine, today settled between Milan and Sifnos, Greece.  She is a graduate of Bowdoin College and the Instituto Superiore di Architettura e Design, with degrees in religious studies, art history, and landscape design.  She has since entangled herself in the intimate politics of a small (but exceptional) Italian restaurant, all the while reporting on topics such as art, gardens, Italian eating habits and horse meat.  Driven by a remarkable appetite, she will continue to write about Italian recipes, ingredients, kitchens, and farms, here at

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  • Συνταγές με Καρπούζι
Συνταγές με Καρπούζι
  • Για ένα Gourmed Καλοκαίρι
Για ένα Gourmed Καλοκαίρι
  • Μεζέδες με ούζο: H αγαπημένη συνήθεια του καλοκαιριού
Meze with ouzo: My favorite habit of summer