How to Get the Suntanned Look without the Sun

For most people, summertime simply necessitates the suntanned look. A natural golden color will not only cheer us up, but make us look sexy.

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Still, a whopping 95% of skin aging is caused by the sun, not by time. Because of this, the best way to tan without damaging your skin is to use cosmetics. Scroll down for some quick tips...

In their various forms and subtle textures, bronze make up and cheek powders can effectively replace the sun, while simultaneously protecting and hydrating the skin.
Quick tips:
- What you are aiming for is the natural look, as if you have spent the day at the seaside. For this reason, make sure you select a product that is, at most, two shades darker than your natural skin tone. If it is darker, the result may appear unnatural and not at all flattering.
- In creating your tan via cosmetics, you run the risk of looking fake. As it is easier to add color than to remove it, simply add products one at a time.  In the event that you do apply more color than you want, remove by patting gently with a tissue.
- Apply powder on your face with a large brush and be careful to blend products well. Do not forget your neck, chest, and ears. There is nothing less flattering than a distinct line, dividing your cosmetic tan from your natural skin tones.
- The suntanned look does not go well with heavy eye makeup. Avoid bright intense colors, instead opting for coral and peach colors. Go for rouge, black mascara to make your eyes shine, and a light lipgloss for a bright smile.

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