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Stelios Parliaros

Stelios Parliaros is acknowledged to be the greatest pastry chef in Greece.  His recipes for divinely delicious and stunning desserts are always a success and many surprisingly easy to prepare.

Stelios Parliaros was born in Istanbul in 1959. Upon completing junior high, he came to Athens to continue his studies. It was here that he discovered confectionery and dedicated himself to it.  He studied in Paris at the Ecole Le Notre, the Escoffier school of confectionery at the Ritz Hotel, at the Valrhona school in Lyon and, finally, at the renowned Fauchon. In 1980 he helped creating  FRESH confectionary shops, changing the course of confectionery in Greece. Later on he moved in opening his own pastry shops SWEET ALCHEMY in Kolonaki and in Kifisia.
You can read his recipes in Kathimerini newspaper's GASTRONOMOS magazine. He has his own TV show in Skai greek television which by far the best show aired in the country.




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