Kalavryta the Snow Queen of the Peloponnese

The surrounding area is filled with interesting places to visit and the town itself offers everything a visitor could ask for. Here is a short and sweet tour of the area, along with a few suggestions of places to stay. Follow me!


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We begin with the funicular railway that crosses Vouraikos gorge, starting at Diakofto. On the way to the martyred town of Helmos, the train stops at Zachlorou where we can visit the historic Monastery of Megalo Spilaio. 

Then we arrive at the old railway-station in Kalavryta. Soon we find ourselves in Kalavryta amongst hundreds of skiers that fill the town, as there is a ski center only 14km away. One should enter the Museum of the Holocaust, make a stop under the clock of the Metropolitan church that is stuck at the time of the great disaster of 1943, and end up at the Agia Lavra Monastery. 

After our walk we can eat kleftiko lamb and cock with hylopites at the “Kalavryta” or “Alles Gefseis” taverns, try cheese pie and milk pudding at “GriGri”, and buy fresh products from the many small shops in the town center.


To enjoy the wintery scenary by night, as well as by day:


Aphrodite’s Inn

Tel +30 26920 23600

Hotel Helmos

Tel +30 26920 29222

Castle Resort

Tel +30 26920 24556

Finday Boutique Hotel

Tel +30 26920 24552

Georgio's V Chalet

Tel +30 26920 24600

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