Greece: Aegialia Plagies


Though ancient, the wine producing region of Aegialia, in the Peloponnese, has only regained its place in the wine world in the recent years.

Aegialia Plagies (Slopes of Aegialia) is located in northwestern Peloponnese and belongs to the district of Achaia. The region’s main town is Aegio and was first inhabited by Aegialis Pelasgians. During the 16th century BC, the Ionians arrived and founded the city of Aegio; the city has been on a continuous historical rise. One can find exhibits from its early period in the city’s archeological museum.

The viniculture of Aegialia belongs to the Patras VQPRD region, and in 1996 it was declared the main production area of the “local wine Plagies Aegialias” by Ministerial Decision. The main variety of Aegialia is Roditis, but others are also cultivated, such as the white Lagorthi, Chardonnay and Sauvignon, and the red Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah.

Roditis is a red grape variety with various clones. Around Aegialia we find the most highly regarded quality of Roditis, named Alepou. It has a red colour, but its vinification is always white. Due to the particular characteristics of the variety, the wine-making does not take place in barrels, so Roditis is always fresh. The wines produced in the Aegialia Plagies from the Roditis variety, are defined by high acidity and multiple vivid fruit aromas.

Roditis is recommended with seafood, fish, poultry, pasta and main courses with white sauce. 

Wine Factories

8th km Punta-Kalavryta, Ano Diakopto
Tel./fax: 26910 97500
e-mail: [email protected]



Meganitou Bridge
Aegio, Achaia, 25100
Tel: 26910 71555



Selinountos, Aegio 25100
Tel: 26910 29415, Fax: 26910 60380
email: [email protected]

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