Fish Tavern “Margaro” Defined by Simplicity

One of the oldest Taverns in Pireaus, “Margaro” is a family run business defined by simplicity but full with taste.

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Margaro fish tavern is decorated in a purely functional and unpretentious way, with oil paintings of ships lining the walls and wooden tables to sit at. Go at any time of the day from noon onwards; you will find all sorts of people eating there, a place for young and old.The menu is comprised of shrimp, small fish in the red mullet family, freshly cut greek salad and on occasions one other option of fish depending on the season.The establishment looks exactly as it was since 1941 when it was converted from a «bakaliko» (a neighborhood deli) to a local eatery by Mrs. Margaro. A legendary figure, said to have been a strong, extremely hard-working and very loving woman who left lasting impressions not only on her family but also on the community she touched upon. In 1976 her son Lazaros Chaniotis takes over the business and converts it into the fish tavern it is today. The menu simple, the company good, the location and interior authentic; three generations under one roof.

Address: Chatzikiriakou Av. 126, Pireaus


Telephone: +30 2104514226

Price per person: €12-€15

Opening Hours: Monday - Saturday noon to midnight
Sunday evening closed


Order one of each dish that is on offer.

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