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Jacoline Vinke: Great Small Hotels in Greece

Chosen on the basis of character, atmosphere, size, style and esthetics, "Great Small Hotels in Greece" features a unique selection of small Greek hotels full of charm and character.

"Great Small Hotels in Greece" presents more than a hundred exceptional hotels and guesthouses on the Greek mainland and islands. Jacoline Vinke chose them on the basis of character, atmosphere, size, style and esthetics. She traveled all over the country to visit "candidate" hotels, and selected only those she would gladly go back or send her friends: small and charming hotels that make their guests feel comfortable and at home while offering them an enjoyable change of scenery.

The book covers a range of different kinds of places, including tiny stone-built mountain guesthouses, white-washed island hotels, centuries-old townhouses, country estates, and even some artsy boutique hotels. Whether a hotel offers simplicity or luxury, is inexpensive or pricey, right on the water or high up in the mountains, small… or very small, each and every one included is worth the journey and is a destination in itself.

"Great Small Hotels in Greece" falls somewhere between a guide and an art book. Both text and colour photographs convey the atmosphere of the hotels and highlight what makes each of them special. The fusion of an entertaining read and striking photographs makes it an item to top a pile of coffee table books and be enjoyed by anyone with an interest in Greece, even when no immediate trips are planned. But the inclusion of maps, directions and practical information (opening periods, number and types of rooms, prices, credit card acceptance, breakfast hours, restaurant facilities, suitability for children, acceptance of pets, etc.) also make it a tool to take with you when setting off to tour Greece.

Please note that no payments have been accepted from hotels or guesthouses to be included in the book and that the text has been written without any participation of the hotels. The reviews represent the independent and personal views of the author.

The book is organized by region and the spread of hotels is as follows: 7 in Epirus, 5 in Macedonia, 22 in Central Greece, 15 in the Peloponnese, 6 on the Ionian islands, 6 on the islands in the Argosaronic Gulf, 26 on the Cycladic islands, 9 on the East Aegean and Dodecanese Islands and 17 on Crete.

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