Best affordable island hotels in the world

All here in Gourmed absolutely love Paros island  in the Cyclades islands  and its beautiful small village Lefkes. 
We are so happy that CNN and  Travel + Leisure picked up Lefkes Village , the parian hotel as one of the Best affordable island hotels!

It's the kind of hotel that has more going than price point and absolutely has a  cozy charming atmosphere.
Whatever your idea of paradise, we think you'll agree that this gem on the list deserves treasure island status.


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Lefkes Village Hotel, Paros, Greece

Part of the Cyclades, Paros delivers all the archetypal Greek island draws—whitewashed churches, bougainvillea-festooned houses, panoramic Aegean views—without the high prices of neighboring hot spots Santorini and Mykonos. Case in point: this 20-room contemporary hotel in the quiet mountain village of Lefkes, with a swimming pool, a small museum, and a tavern that uses ingredients gathered from the surrounding fruit trees and gardens. From $70.

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