Beach House in Antiparos

Pretty much everyone here in GOURMED comes from the Cyclades Islands, so we are really proud when super places like Beach House open up in our homeland!

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Beach House is a LOVE at first sight kind of place ! You will never be able to get enough of it. It is the absolute hotspot of Antiparos with beachfront accommodation, and the Greek summer's place to see and be seen. 

I don't know what is more amazing when visiting the Beach House in Antiparos. Is it the knock out scenery? Is it its great food scene? Is it its super fun crowd ? Is it its exclusive suites found only 30 meters off the divine beach with crystal blue waters? I really can't decide... But what I do know for sure is that I could easily stay there for the rest of my life... It's probably one of the most fantastic places that encapsulates the essence of tourism in Greece. Do visit and enjoy it all! This place will offer you unique memories of Greece to take home.

The Beach House in Antiparos consists of five suites with the most stylish Cycladic decor, traditional cement  "tsimentokonia" floor, and bathrooms full of Parian marble.

The  Restaurant's menu is signed by one of Greece's most promising chefs, Pericles Koskinas.  The food is Greek authentic cuisine, which is the core of the Mediterranean diet. Daily specials with local ingredients such as locally grown vegetables and catch of the day  fish make all dishes simply mouthwatering.

At the Beach Shop you can find the best handcrafted products designed mostly by Greek designers but also from other Mediterranean countries . Martino Gamper, the famous designer  has designed beautiful, multipurpose stools in two shades of blue for the Beach House Antiparos, and are also sold  at the Beach Shop store. 

Yoga, Pilates and indoor/outdoor massage is also available at the Beach House .

 Immerse yourself in a world of dreams. Here is where it will all begin! Blag your way to the unique Cycladic lifestyle the Beach House way!

Beach House

Apantima beach, Antiparos, Cyclades
T : 30 2284 064000

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