Patrides (Hometown), a meeting for taste, memories and story-telling

How does Patrides deal with the crisis? “Stores like Patrides do not expect to make money from the people. Rather we are here to offer a moment of relaxation, good music, nice drinks and meze for those, like us,in difficult situations. Sometimes it is hard to be in the saddening position of having to listen to the pains and hardships of people you have come to know, but this is the least we can do to help brighten the spirits of our community…”

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Patrides is on one of the two pedestrian streets of Koukaki and has been there for 25 years. It has witnessed many changes in the neighborhood, helped lead the initiative for the creation of the pedestrian street and has recently seen the increase in shops, restaurants, bars and cafes. It was initially called “Mikres Patrides” (small hometown) but along with all the other changes it also shed the “mikres” part of its name and remained simply with “Patrides”. Just like the area that combines the pace of the centre with the atmosphere of a neighborhood, Patrides is a place where you will find friends, neighbors and groups of people that probably know each other in some way or another, all of whom enjoy jazz, funk, ethnic, classical and cinematographic music. The space is narrow and long with many old photographs lining the walls along with many mirrors, large and small, that help give the illusion that the space is larger than it is. All the food is home-made, and they offer something from their kitchen (cheese, tomato, olives, crackers, sausages) with anything you order, whether that be beer, wine, or anything else. The amount is sufficient to satiate a minimally hungry stomach, though if you are really hungry you should opt for the more larger options such as salads or sausages. They offer a large range of raki, a white greek distill, many teas and infusions, and various spoon sweets. As they are going through a period of change, they predict they will soon be adding various new things to the menu. The people behind Patrides are true artists and are comprised of actors and musicians. The majority are members of a musical group, “Echodrasi”, that also participated in the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games in 2004. With the air of confidence characteristic of performers they state that they are happy that Koukaki has become a lively center with many options and places for all tastes. Their musical flair will be put to use in the near future as they are planning to organize surprise musical moments that will offer a new dimension to an otherwise predictable night out. In all honesty their ultimate goal is to create the atmosphere of a traditional musical coffee house in a modern context. In our opinion they have already greatly succeeded!


Address: Pedestrian St. Georgiou Olymbiou 14, Koukaki     MAP

Price per person: coffee/drinks €2,00- €3,00 1 carafe of tsipouro & rich meze platter €5,50 beer&nibbles
€3.00-4.00 rakomelo & meze €6.00

Opening Hours:
Daily 10:30am - 2am


Greek Coffee with Cardamom For those interested in trying different varieties they have middle eastern coffee varieties infused with rose and cinnamon. A classic warm Greek distill with honey and spices, rakomelo, and a special kind from Amorgos Island in the Cyclades. Large dakos and chicken sausages.

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