The Bakers: A bread making Ensemble

Kosta, which is your favorite bread and what would you accompany it with?
“My favorite bread is by far our classic country loaf; bread in its most basic form, humble and inexpensive. For me there is only ONE way of accompanying bread; feta, tomato and olive oil.”

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The Bakers are all from the same family, they are two brothers and one cousin whose
fathers were both bakers since the ‘70s. The story is pretty simple, they almost grew up in the family
bakery, they went off to study their respective interests and came back with fresh ideas and ambition to
create something new. You may or may not be wondering what the Tree logo they have chosen signifies.
To them it represents the family tree and at the same time the basic quality of bread as a source of
life, thus the tree of life. They started off as bakers but found that if they wanted to be competitive in the
contemporary world they would have to combine both desserts and bread. What is interesting is that
they respect a most basic thing as bread in the same way as they respect a most luxurious thing as dessert.

Opening Hours: Open for bread Daily 6am-10.30pm
Open only for pastries and desserts: Christmas, New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday

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